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Wednesday, 31 August 2016 09:06


Subject of the proposal:

Kaposvár, Town of County Rank, is launching a competition open to fine artists aged under 35, to students attending a secondary school of visual arts, or university or college students in the form of posters, photos and film etude for the 60th anniversary of the revolution of 1956. The art exhibition, which is organized within the framework of the „Year of the Hungarian Freedom” programme series, is supported by the Memorial Committee established for the 60th anniversary of the 1956 revolution and fight for freedom.

Deadline of submission: 10 october 2016



Youngsters who participated in the events that time are old people today; they might have told their personal stories to their children and grandchildren. Those however, who are not affected by their relatives, learn about the events from history books or can be informed by the help of contemporary photos. The political changes that happened in Hungary since then make it possible for us to commemorate this outstanding time in our history, these pivotal October days. In 2016, at the 60th anniversary, Kaposvár wishes to testify its beliefs in freedom this way. A ceremony will be held to explore the past, giving the events new colours, passing our thoughts to the next generation. For a long time people had to stay quiet and the truth had to be kept hidden about the cause of the revolution, and about the things people, had to go through.
They were not afraid of reprisal, were not frightened by the repression; they were doing what they felt to be correct. They had only one goal, the freedom. Many were swept away by the stormy events of the revolution, people had to make sacrifices, and the years coming were not free from the terrors either.
People living today also have a big responsibility for the future. The way our fate is formed depends on us, it is on us what we hand down, whether we have the courage to tell the truth, and the intention to do something to keep our freedom and keep it for our children, for the next generation.

The announcer of the proposal is expecting the submitted proposals to be works that are able to transfer the past message to today’s people, works that are lively, and youthful in accordance with the specifics of the selected genre.


Categories: Applicants can send their work in three genre categories. It is possible to apply in more categories at the same time – in this case separate application forms must be completed.

Film etude



Submissions received within the deadline will be judged by an expert jury of 5 members.



Based on the jury’s judgement the most outstanding works will be presented to the general public. Exhibitions will be held, and the information will be shared with the local, regional and the national media groups.
Apart from the exhibition presence the works selected by the jury will be entitled to appear in a bilingual, colourful art catalogue printed in honour of the 1956 anniversary year.
Awarding the winning works by category: Three prizes will be given in each category valuing the most outstanding works. The announcer of the proposal reserves the right to disregard awarding the prize without justification in case no adequate projects are received.
1st prize: 250 000 HUF (830 Euro)
2nd prize: 100 000 HUF (330 Euro)
3rd prize: 50 000 HUF (170 Euro)
The announcer of the proposal reserves the right to award special prizes.
In the poster category, the creator of the best work will have the possibility for his/her work to be presented as a giant poster in the most beautiful square of Kaposvár, on Kossuth square.


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