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Wednesday, 25 April 2018 13:58

Career Day - Ten percent rise in applicants

Career dayMore and more people want to study at Kaposvár University. According to recent data on applications, the number of candidates increased by nearly a hundred persons compared to last year. This year we received 2537 applications, of which in 1126 cases Kaposvár University is the first choice. This is the second best result of the last five years.

48% of the applicants chose pedagogy, 22% agriculture, 16% economy and 14% art as their field of study. This year the interest in the agricultural field of study grew significantly; the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences attracted about 30 percent more than last year. The most preferred university-level programmes at the Faculty of Pedagogy are special needs education and preschool teaching. Commerce and marketing, as well as finance and accounting degree programmes at the Faculty of Economic Science are as popular as always. Like every year, there is a huge interest in theatre acting, this time with 330 candidates.

Another outstanding achievement is that the number of foreign candidates has increased significantly. This year we received 582 applications from international students.

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