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Tuesday, 24 July 2018 11:45

Recent international success of Balázs Bence

Recent international success of Balázs Bence

Balázs Bence has finished in the top five at the CHIO Aachen World Equestrian Festival, which is an international invitational event. This is another great success from the student of Kaposvár University, as no Hungarian vaulter has ever achieved such an excellent result.


Two athletes of the Pannon Equestrian Academy Sport Club competed in Aachen. In addition to Balázs Bence, the junior aged Ákos Király was also present and finished as 14th, ahead of several much older competitors.
Balázs Bence has participated several times in this event and year by year he has always been able to improve his previous position. This year he was expected to reach the 7th or 10th spot, but he exceeded all expectations as he was already in the 5th spot after the first round. He became the fans’ favourite and maintained his position after receiving one of his highest scores ever for Technical Test Round, in which he was dressed as a Hungarian cavalryman. Balázs did not make a single mistake in the third round as well: with his performance inspired by the soundtrack of Kusturica’s movie: Black cat, White cat, he managed to hold to his ranking. This is a huge accomplishment for the young athlete, as such result has never been achieved by any Hungarian vaulter.
The season has not ended for our athletes: Ákos Király will have the chance to compete on home soil at the FEI Vaulting European Champions for Juniors in Kaposvár, while Balázs Bence is preparing for FEI World Equestrian Games which will be held in the autumn.


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