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  • Kaposvár University is committed to continuous improvement in response to the world’s changing economic, technological and scientific life, and at the same time it encourages innovation in education.
  • It is capable of adjusting to the requirements of the labor market, trusting that it will in turn influence the requirements and trends of the same by transferring versatile and competitive knowledge to its students.
  • In addition to professional education, it is an important aspect to enhance the skills, abilities and practical expertise of its students.
  • The compatibility and consistency of knowledge offered by the different faculties and departments, the practice-oriented training of professionals, the immediate and focused application of new and practicable knowledge grant a competitive edge for the university.
  • Establishing and expanding strong working relations with participants of the business sector, companies of the livestock industry, education and arts institutions, visual arts and communication workshops by means of organizing professional practices, research projects, conferences and similar events.
  • Students can accomplish their university studies while enjoying a vibrant, vivacious, active life on campus.

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